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How We Increase Your Instagram Followers

We Grow Your Account By…

Targeting people that use hashtags related to your industry
Targeting people that are following, liking or commenting on your competitor accounts
Targeting people who check-in to similar industry based or specific places

Using The Examples Above We Attract A Genuine Following!

Instagram Followers
Increase Instagram Followers

Case Studies

Case Study Reports

Feed Me NYC

Problem: Two local foodie lovers who were in need of a rebrand, looking to monetize their passion.
Duration: 6 Months
Milestones: Achieving 13,500 New Instagram Followers to their fan base and giving them visibility to over 250,000 local foodie lovers.
Conclusion: As seen by hundreds of thousands of local restaurant owners & foodie lovers their demand to shout-out local establishments grew, increasing their revenue. Taking off relatively quickly, Feedmeastoria was rebranded to which covered all boroughs in NYC!
Instagram Follower Growth
Instagram Follower Growth After

Tzatziki Greek Grill

Problem: Greek brick & mortar establishment opened up in a new location being the only Greek restaurant within the area. Being open for six months, they were unable to grow a customer base.
Duration: 4 Months
Milestones: Achieving 5,486 New Instagram Followers to their fan base and giving them visibility to over 50,000 local Greek food lovers. We grew the account by 3300% on an average of 914 users monthly.
Conclusion: Their dinner special was a weekly hit, selling out each week for the duration period. They also saw an increase in their delivery business by 300% within the first three months.
Instagram Follower Growth Before
Instagram Follower Growth After




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@mike.louca – Mike



Why bidpin?

Marketing Agency

Thats right, we are a full fledged agency that handles websites, ppc, seo and social media!

Located in NYC

We are proudly made in New York City. Our headquarters is conveniently located in Astoria.

Dedicated Professional

A dedicated professional will be assigned to your account with superior expertise on the subject.



Experience from Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, Honeywell, Morgan Stanley and Cigna.


This sets us apart. Up to trend on the newest technologies and how to benefit from them.

Our Mission

Is to help small businesses grow, making them aware of the benefits of online marketing.


Can I cancel at any time?
Yes, a username and password will be generated once you purchase an item. You can use those credentials to login and cancel your subscription.
How is this different than purchasing followers?
We are very against purchasing followers. Accounts that have a high number of followers with little to no comments and likes are considered to have purchased fake followers. Any services that claim to give you thousands of followers instantly are considered to be fake and will most likely be removed by Instagram.
Will my new followers be real people?
The growth in your followers will be 100% organic and interested in what your brand has to offer. Our strategy attracts real people who are genuinely interested in what your Instagram account has to offer. These active and prospective people show their interest by following, liking and commenting on your profile.
What is the difference between followers and targeted followers?
A targeted follower is a follower that is interested in what you have to offer as opposed to a follower that may or may not be interested in what you have to offer. Imagine owning a steakhouse in NYC while targeting followers that are vegan in LA. This will not help you and we make every effort to reach the right people and location.
Is this a service I really need or is it something I can do on my own?
To replicate what we do as a service would be the same as if you were glued to the phone 24/7. This frees up your time to work on important facets of your business.
When can I expect to see results?
You will be surprised at how quickly you will start to see activity. Within the first few hours, you should start to see new followers, comments, likes and traffic that are all potential customers. We have done a study on our results and see a huge bump in activity the longer you are with us.
Can I still use my account normally?
Yes! Your Instagram account is your personal brand, so you can always generate content on your own. Our service will simply run in the background while you use your account normally. We highly recommend changing your Instagram account to a business account like this you can see the best times to post your content! This will maximize your engagement!


SUPER impressed with the effort bidpin made to grow my Instagram Followers with the right audience. They were very professional to my brand, I also appreciated how quickly they responded to any messages I sent, especially requests to change the targeting for my profile. I’d recommend bidpin to anybody thinking about trying their social media marketing!


We wanted to show people the best places to eat around New York City. bidpin helped feedmenyc establish itself as a successful NYC business. They were able to get our brand and account in front of thousands in the foodie industry. Their extensive internet experience and passion for social media has helped turn our vision into a reality.

bidpin has really helped the Nino’s family ran business to connect with its audience. Before we met the team, we were spending hours a day trying to engage and grow our account with the locals. We needed a way to get the word out there effectively. It feels great to have this stress taken off our back! Our account grew by over 225% within a three month period!


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